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Most people cringe when they hear the words “root canal”, associating it with pain and discomfort. However, what was once a painful, invasive procedure is now relatively pain-free, with non-surgical treatments available. Although the basic process and materials are still the same as the standard root canal procedure you may have come to fear, at Old Orchard Dental, our Skokie dentist use advanced instrumentation, irrigation, and filling techniques for your root canal.

When you don’t take proper care of your teeth, gums, and mouth, diseases and infections can cause pain and even decay of the teeth. If the decay becomes too advanced, the best treatment option may be root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is needed when the nerve or pulp of a tooth is affected by decay or infection, or if there has been significant injury or trauma to the tooth. Symptoms of the infection are generally acute dental pain or sensitivity to hot, cold or percussion. Your root canal therapy will begin by our Skokie dentist making an opening in the crown of the tooth or teeth. Then he will gently remove the infected or inflamed pulp from your tooth and fill and seal the opening with a rubber-like compound. At the next appointment, usually a week later, the roots and the inside cavity of the tooth will be filled and sealed with special dental materials. A filling will be placed to cover the opening on top of the tooth. In addition, all teeth that have root canal treatment should have a crown (cap) placed. You can rest assured knowing that success for this type of treatment occurs in more than 90% of cases.

Teeth treated at Old Orchard Dental can last just as long as natural teeth, but a re-treatment may be required in some cases due to improper healing or other complications. Good oral hygiene practices and regular dental visits will aid in the life of your root canal therapy. With our expertise, receiving a root canal no longer has to be an uncomfortable, frightening experience. You’ll leave our Skokie dentist office smiling, showing off your beautiful, well cared-for teeth!

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