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Wilmette Dental Implants

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Wilmette dental implants

Wilmette dental implants

Do you feel self-conscious when you smile because you have one or more missing teeth? If so, you’re not alone. A full set of teeth boosts confidence. But there are other reasons that having empty space instead of a tooth can be a negative thing for you. Your other teeth on that jaw can shift, leading to discomfort and throwing your bite out of alignment. Bone and gum tissue can atrophy where the tooth used to be. And if it’s a back tooth, your chewing might not be as efficient, possibly resulting in poor digestion. For all of these reasons, we at Old Orchard Dental are pleased to offer our Wilmette dental implants.

There are some very clear advantages that implants offer as a tooth replacement when compared to more traditional options such as fixed bridges and removable dentures. Those methods are good, but our Wilmette dental implants won’t affect your other teeth like a bridge would; furthermore, you won’t need any messy adhesive with which to hold it in, as you would with dentures. Because implants replace both the tooth on the surface as well as the root beneath, you have a strong, durable, and reliable replacement tooth. Having that root also helps to maintain your natural facial contours.

Can anyone get our Wilmette dental implants? To be considered a good candidate, you will need to have a jaw that is thick enough to support the post for your implant. Even if your jaw falls short, with the help of bone grafting, you can still benefit from what implants have to offer. The process of getting implants involves two parts. First, a titanium post, the root replacement, is inserted surgically into your jaw, after which there is a waiting period as your jaw bone grows around the post. The end result is that the post becomes fused with your jaw, which gives you a 100% dependable new root. A tooth-colored crown is then put on top of the post and cemented to it.

Our Wilmette dental implants look and feel like a natural tooth. And when you chew, you’ll discover that it even reacts just like one. But because your implant won’t ever get a cavity or an infection, require root canal or an extraction, in some ways it is superior to your natural teeth.

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